These are the people working in global modelling  and related issues

At Utrecht University

Prof. dr. Marc F.P. Bierkens  (Full professor, chair)

Dr. Ruud van der Ent  (Postdoc: EartH2Observe global water resources reanalysis; global water recycling)

Dr. M. Straatsma  (Postdoc: Climate KIC innovation Project Water2Invest)

Dr. L.P.H. van Beek  (Assistant professor: global hydrology and land degradation)

Dr. W.W. Immerzeel  (Assistant professor: mountain hydrology)

Dr. Joyce Bosmans  (postdoc: Global hydrology and land use change; global sediment transport)

Dr. E.H. Sutanudjaja  (Postdoc: global hydrological modelling; main developer PCR-GLOBWB)

Naze Candogan-Yossef  (PhD student: Global Seasonal Forecasting of River discharge)

Dr. Yoshihide Wada  (Associated researcher Global Water and Food Security: NASA GISS, Columbia University, Utrecht University)

At Deltares

Dr. Frederiek Sperna-Weiland  (Global modelling and large-scale flood forecasting)

Dr. Albrecht Weerts  (Global medium-range and seasonal streamflow forecasting)

Dr. Hessel Winsemius  (Global seasonal forecasting and modelling of global flood risk)

Dr. Jaap Schellekens  (Expert Hydrology and Hydrological modelling)

At Alumni

Dr. Niko Wanders  (Postdoc at Princeton University)

Dr. Inge de Graaf  (Postdoc at Colorado School of Mines)

At Other institutions

Dr. D. Wisser  (Senior researcher at University of Bonn ZEFc)